Traveller’s Tip: Well, this is more a Stay Put tip but…:-)


To make your own hummingbird feeder:

You will need:

a 500 ml bottle indented a few centimetres from the bottom

a 100 gram plastic container with a tight fitting lid

string for hanging

red “flowers” of some sort (or ribbons or ? as an attractant)

a way to make holes in plastic, either a drill or knife or ?


a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer)

 Hummingbird Nectar

The nectar is super easy to make but needs to be done ahead of time so it is cool:

boil 500 mls of water

add 125 mls of sugar

stir till sugar is absorbed

put in fridge to cool

Always use real sugar, the birds need the calories to survive. Don’t ever use artificial sweeteners.

Tip: Every few days, (or more often if you see signs of mould or other growth) take your feeder apart to thoroughly clean it in hot water then reassemble with fresh nectar.

(instructions adapted from this Wonder How to Do It post)

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